How to protect Wordpress sites with BotFence

BotFence can monitor hack attempts agains your Wordpress sites as well if they are hosted on the same Windows server. You only need to install and activate the BotFence Wordpress plugin. You'll find the plugin file "Wordpress_plugin_for_BotFence.zip" in the BotFence installation folderto or you can download it here.

To use the plugin just login to your Wordpress site as Administrator, then select "Plug-Ins" on the menu on the left side and continue to "Add new" next to the titel "Plug-Ins". On the new page "Add Plugins" please select "Upload Plugin" and find the Wordpress_plugin_for_BotFence.zip file. At last please acivate the newly installed plugin. That's all, no configuration is neccessary.

The plugin will immediately start working and will relay any failed login attempts to the BotFence background service for processing. BotFence will block and unblock the IP addresses of attackers as normal.