ChangeSender: Choose your own sender address in outlook/exchange



Watch ChangeSender in action in a short 2 minute video demo:

What it does

ChangeSender™ adds one important piece of functionality to Microsoft Outlook when used with Exchange Server: It allows you to choose the sender address your emails are sent from on a mail-by-mail basis.

Without ChangeSender, Exchange always sends out emails on your default email address fixed in the ActiveDirectory even when answering emails received on one of your additional email addresses.

Also, Exchange does not allow sharing the same email address (i.e. department-wide or company-wide email addresses) between users. ChangeSender solves both problems by adding a configurable "send as" selection box to your Outlook email form.

ChangeSender Features


Download the free 30-day trial version of ChangeSender and test the full product without any restrictions until you are sure it meets all your requirements. Then just order license codes to remove the 30 day limit without re-installing.

ChangeSender consists of two separate components: A server component to be installed on the Exchange server and a Microsoft Outlook add-in component that is needed for each client. The Outlook add-in does not work without the server component installed as well.

Client component / Outlook add-in:

Individual user Outlook add-in


Install this on each user's system. Install it logged in as the user, not as Administrator.

For-all-users Outlook add-in


Use this version if you want to install "for all users" of a machine, i.e. for Terminal Server or Citrix. Install this version logged in as Administrator.

BTW: In terminal server / citrix installations you can disable the add-in for all users by default and only enable for specific users: FAQ - How to disable ChangeSender by default?.

Server component:

Exchange 2010, 2007 version


Install this on the Exchange Server (this version for Exchange 2007 or 2010)

Exchange 2003, 2000 version


Install this on the Exchange Server (this version for Exchange 2000 or 2003)

You can license ChangeSender online and will receive the license codes by email in just minutes.

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