How can I get rid of downloaded emails that are stuck in POPcon's queue?

POPcon keeps downloaded but not forwarded emails in individual *.msg files in the Program Files\POPcon folder. Just remove those *.msg files that you don't want POPcon to forward to Exchange - POPcon will detect the removal and delete the mail from it's queue.

If you just move the files to another folder instead of deleting them you can have Exchange attempt delivery again by moving these files into the PICKUP folder (inside the POPcon program folder).

If you still use a POPcon version older than v2.6 matters are a little more complicated. For those versions we prepared a small tool available for download. In order to remove a message from the queue please follow these steps:

  1. Stop the POPcon service. If it is not stopped it will keep the queue in the memory buffer.
  2. Delete or rename the file messages.tmp or use the tool http://www.servolutions.com/popcon/edit_messagestmp.exe to remove individual messages.
  3. Restart the POPcon service.

After the mail is working again I'd advise you to upgrade to the latest version of POPcon. We changed the strategy of POPcons temporary buffer from one large messages.tmp file to individual email files. This helps to handle large messages and makes removing problematic messages easier. DO NOT UPGRADE TO A NEWER VERSION BEFORE YOU DISTRIBUTED ALL THE REMAINING MESSAGES! The newer versions of POPcon use another kind of temporary message store and will not be able to read the old messages.tmp file!