I want POPcon to forward some accounts to a non-local mailbox on the internet but that does not work. How can I do this?

POPcon can only forward emails to your Exchange server. So if you chose a non-local email address for the postmaster or mailbox forwarding addresses in POPcon the mail still gets forwarded to Exchange and not back to the internet. Your Exchange Server does not accept email save for it's own domain configured under Echange System Manger > Recipients > Recipient Policies > Properties of Default Policy. If POPcon was to forward to any internet mail address it would need to have more information like an SMTP relay server, account and password information and so on.

But you can easily create a mail-enabled contact on your Exchange server that relays email back to the internet:

  1. Open up Active Directory Users and Computers applet and choose New > Contact:

  2. Add contact details:

  3. Enter the EXTERNAL mail address on the internet where the email should get forwarded to:

  4. Finish the new contact wizard and open up the properties of the newly created contact:

  5. Go to the E-mail Addresses tab and chose "New", then select "SMTP Address":

  6. Enter a new INTERNAL address in your own domain like all the other addresses that POPcon can already forward to:

  7. Now you can use janeathome@myserver.local as forwarding address anywhere in POPcon and have all emails forwarded to janedoe@gmail.com.