We accept Bitcoins now

We like the concept of Bitcoins, the new crypto-currency at lot. And we like the zero transaction fees even more so we added Bitcoins to the payment options for all Servolutions products, effective immediately.

You can now buy all our products with Bitcoins. To make the process straightforward and secure we are using the excellent BitPay.com service. When you select Bitcoins as payment mode at the end of the ordering process a bitpay.com window will pop up showing the amount in BTC and a handy QR code. You can either scan the code with any mobile wallet or click on a payment button to open a Bitcoin wallet software installed on your computer. The target address and amount will already show up preset to the correct values.


All our prices are still quoted in regular currencies (until Bitcoin exchange rates stabilize a bit more) and the invoices are in those currencies as well, even when you pay with Bitcoins. That way you won’t have any problems with your business accounting.