Exchange catchall mailbox extension CSCatchAll

CSCatchAll adds a catch-all mailbox capability to Microsoft Exchange™ 2000 and 2003 server installations.

Without this extension, Exchange Server sends a non-delivery message to the sender of the email if the recipient email address is not found in the active directory. There is a KnowledgeBase article from Microsoft on how to solve this but the proposed solution in the article will reroute ANY email, even those addressed to existing recipients.

CSCatchAll allows you to define a catch-all mailbox for every domain name handled in your Exchange Server. Just add an SMTP email address "catchall@domainname" to any of your users Active Directory email addresses - that's it! CSCatchAll installs as a "SMTP Event Sink" and automatically checks if the recipient addresses in incoming emails can be found in the AD and if not reroutes to the catchall mailbox. There is absolutely no configuration you need to do - just install CSCatchAll and add your catchall mailboxes!

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