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April 27, 2021 New version of POPcon online - v4.3
POPcon v4.3 online

April 11, 2021 New version of POPcon online - v4.0
POPcon v4.0 online

August 19, 2013 ServerPulse, our new service just released
We've just released ServerPulse, our new service. ServerPulse monitors your servers and immediately alerts you by email and text message if there are any problems.

January 29, 2013 Exchange Connectiontimeout
How to ensure MS Exchange's connection timeout is not interfering with inbound emails

January 24, 2013 Configure MS Exchange
How to configure MS Exchange to send and receive internet emails.

January 23, 2013 Exchange pop3 setup
How to configure POPcon to download POP3 emails to Exchange.

January 12, 2013 New product MultiSendcon released
We're releasing our new product MultiSendcon today. MultiSendcon distributes email sent out from Exchange to separate SMTP smart hosts with different SMTP AUTH usernames and passwords according to the sender address.

October 19, 2012 Exchange server 2012 configuration
How to configure Exchange 2012

September 14, 2012 Remove whitespace from add/remove programs
A while ago we published this little utility that cleans up a messed-up add/remove programs display with huge gaps of white space in. Here's a new link to that utility

September 12, 2012 Exchange 2013 configuration step by step
How to configure Exchange 2013 guide now online

September 05, 2012 exchange 2010 installation guide
Our latest version of the exchange 2010 installation guide

September 01, 2012 pop3 connector christensen software
Whatever happened to Christensen Software?

September 01, 2012 POPcon discount code
FAQ: What is the discount code for POPcon?

August 21, 2012 Configure Microsoft Exchange
How to configure Microsoft Exchange, step by step guides

April 20, 2012 New version of POPcon online - v3.77
POPcon v3.77 online

April 19, 2012 ChangeSender v2.92 published
New ChangeSender v2.92 version published

March 23, 2012 POPcon on Windows SERVER 8 Beta?
POPcn successfully tested on Windows Server 8 Beta

March 05, 2012 POPcon on Windows 8?
POPcn tested on Windows 8: No problems.

January 28, 2012 ChangeSender v2.90 released
New ChangeSender release v2.90 is out

October 07, 2011 ChangeSender release v2.80 automatically changes email signatures
New ChangeSender feature: Auto-select email signature

December 15, 2010 ChangeSender press release
Press release sent out today about ChangeSender

December 13, 2010 ChangeSender Demo Video ready
A short demo video of ChangeSender that shows how easy it is to use the software

December 04, 2010 ChangeSender v2.50 released
ChangeSender v2.50 released

October 09, 2010 New servolutions website design
New servolutions website design

June 02, 2010 New product released: ChangeSender
New product release: ChangeSender

December 06, 2009 Company name change: Christensen Software becomes Servolutions
Company name change: Christensen Software becomes Servolutions

October 27, 2009 New Exchange 2007 configuration guide
New Exchange 2007 Configuration Guide available

September 08, 2008 New version POPcon v3.70 online
New in this version: Windows 2008 / Exchange 2007 support, archive function and more

April 22, 2005 New version POPcon v3.00 online
Two important new features have been implemented in this version: POP3 over SSL and the catch-all function for email to unknown recipients in domainwide POP3 accounts.